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Brown engineering works closely with construction companies worldwide to offer complete or partial fruit and vegetable juice plant installation with complete or partial process control automation.

A Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Approach

Success in any engineering endeavor is more than execution of a good design. It's taking a project from concept to reality with perspective and predictive vision, active participation and accountability. For Brown International’s Engineering Team, success is the culmination of efforts, multi-focuses with one vision; to achieve clients' goals.

Our engineering staff is comprised of seasoned veterans and top recruits from leading engineering programs across the country. We've created a balance of experience, vision and passion at Brown International to provide our clients' with a breadth and depth of talent and expertise not often found in service providers. Our multi-disciplinary staff has broad experience in the areas of Project Management, Research & Development, Mechanical Design, Electrical Design and Automation & Controls.

From full-service turnkey product development to on-site engineering support, our multi-disciplinary approach incorporates systems and processes allowing clients to optimize the outcome of their project. Our exacting standard of excellence, coupled with our energetic, enthusiastic approach to customer service, uniquely position Brown's engineering capabilities as leaders in the realm of technical service providers.

Our diverse range of available services include:
  • Automation implementation
  • Capacity planning
  • Construction project management
  • Design engineering
  • Equipment fabrication
  • Equipment procurement
  • Equipment specification
  • Feasibility studies
  • Lock-out/tag-out documentation
  • Machine design
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Pictorial work instructions
  • Plant layout
  • Process engineering
  • Process startup
  • Project management
  • Quality engineering
  • Systems design
  • Turn-key projects
  • Work standards development
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Project Management Services

From the drawing board to the shop floor, Brown provides a full range of Project Engineering and Project Management Services for clients within the industry. For everything from simple design services to automation implementation, we are the firm choice for companies throughout the world.

Regardless of the size of your project, we will provide a dedicated team of professionals to assist you from the design phase through full implementation. We will solicit your input and actively work toward improving your bottom line through every phase of your project.

Our engineers, technicians, and manufacturing professionals will help you achieve the results you want without removing your staff from their daily activities.


  • Reduces customer human capital cost by utilizing Brown project management.
  • Allows customer to utilize key employees for other pertinent tasks.
  • Provides customer with one focal point contact for all stages of the project.

Skill Set

  • All major project management software including:
    • MS Project

Research & Development

Research and development is a crucial activity in the innovation process. Brown’s expertise speaks volumes — we have developed innovative solutions and intellectual property in hundreds of industry applications around the world. This is accomplished by taking breakthrough ideas and moving them forward into valuable and marketable solutions. We have a distinguished history of innovation and a robust range of core technologies that allow us to bring expansive, applicable knowledge to any table.

Our focus remains on continually developing solutions that propel the world into a future of exciting possibilities.

At Brown we actively seek to discover new knowledge about products, processes, and services, and then apply that knowledge to create new and improved products, processes, and services that fill market needs. We know that sometimes, the creative ideas and technology needed for designing a company’s product derive from the least likely of places — areas outside of the company’s own realm of expertise. Research and development at Brown extends across numerous and very different fields.

An integral part of our Research & Development process is Discrete Event Simulation.

Optimizing overall production throughput is a complex process, and includes more than just the individual machine. Building on our expertise in simulating, we expanded our practice to include Discrete Event Simulation to model complex processes at the line or equipment level.

Discrete Event Simulation models complete lines or a single piece of equipment, with dozens or hundreds of inter-connected processes, identifying hidden bottlenecks to improve throughput.

Technology Description

Discrete Event Simulation, also known as throughput simulation, is the science of modeling an entire system, taking into account, several if not all key events and processes that are expected to occur within the system. It helps predict the performance and behavior of a system over a period of time. The results can be used to fine-tune process and part flow to ensure the highest possible throughput with the least amount of downtime.


  • Full system modeling and statistical analysis
  • Conceptualization of production processes
  • Facilities planning and optimization of operations
  • Optimized productivity and utilization of equipment
  • Lean manufacturing through system optimization practices
  • Risk mitigation through virtual validation
  • Line balancing and process scheduling

Discrete Event Simulation can be applied at many levels in the manufacturing process.  From system costing to line balancing and optimization, Discrete Event Simulation can be used on manual, automated and service systems.   

Skill Set

  • All major discrete event simulation packages like Delmia Quest, UGS eM-Plant, Witness, and other packages

Mechanical Design

The mechanical design process in automation extends from selecting the physical site in the factory to designing the most complex mechanical component in the line. Mechanical Processing and Design is the process involving 3D CAD software which with engineering expertise transforms an idea from conception to processing to design and finally to implementation.  This activity is performed concurrently with 3D simulation, engineering processing, engineering design, control system design and our customers with a defined project management process. 



  • Lean Processing utilizing state of the art processing software and techniques for both new and existing projects.
  • Reduce customer capital cost by reusing current equipment.
  • Reduce customer build cost by designing common and lean tooling.
  • Maximize the quality of production by adhering to best design practices and standards.
  • Maximize customer production throughput through concurrent engineering with 3D simulation validation.

Skill Set

All major mechanical design, processing and system layout software including:

  • Mechanical Design
    • Autocad: Standard, Mechanical Desktop & Inventor
    • SolidWorks

  • System Layout Software: 
    • AutoCAD

Electrical Design

Our staff is experienced in the specification, sizing, design, and application of electrical equipment and hardware for our clients projects. From the front-end loading of the power distribution system to the field devices requiring power and grounding. We have engineered and designed electrical systems, including switchgear, motor controls, transformers, variable speed drives, grounding systems and cable tray designs. Electrical area classifications will be checked and verified with the client before any design begins; and the electrical distribution will be fully coordinated before any design is released to construction.

Electrical Systems Services include: electrical boss

  • Process Control System Evaluation and Design
  • Process Control System Software Development and Implementation
  • Machine Control System Design and Integration
  • Process Visualization and Alarming
  • Automated Production Reporting
  • Electrical System Analysis
  • Electrical System Design
  • Electrical Efficiency Analysis
  • Power Monitoring/Quality Analysis
  • Electrical panel design and assembly
  • Power and Distribution System Design
  • Systems commissioning
  • Low voltage system design
  • Feasibility studies
  • Due diligence reports

Automation & Controls

Controls have always been the key to manufacturing flexibility, and today’s range of architecture, hardware and software options is challenging. But not for Brown – our controls professionals bring of years of experience to the table, simplifying the entire process with shorter lead times, greater flexibility, and top notch quality. Our staff of experienced PLC engineers can design, develop, program and commission all your electrical controls needs. Our hardware designers have a full command of all major equipment standards and specifications. Our software developers work in every major software package, and our debug team brings up field installations in record time.

We work on all aspects of controls engineering, from simple ladder logic to factory wide networking and data archiving, from clear intuitive MMI’s to advanced motion control. And we’re the best in the industry at evaluating equipment and implementing the latest ANSI 15.06, UL, CSA and CE safety standards.

Brown is a leader in providing customers with state of the art industrial automation solutions and control integration services. Our highly experienced engineering team and special alliances with the world's leading automation components manufacturers allow us to provide our customers with prompt and optimal solutions. From initial development to on-site installation, repairing and training.

Technology Description

Controls engineering encompasses logic, motion, operator interface and data handling functions. Brown offers complete industrial controls engineering services including; project management, robot safety consulting, hardware and software design, CAD services, PLC and HMI programming, machine diagnostics, start-up and debug, installation and production support, and panel build.

Brown’s controls engineering department has significant experience dealing with safety related controls engineering. This includes services related to safety relays, safety PLC’s, operator/maintenance entrance points, power lockouts and fluid power lockouts, etc. All elements of hardware and software controls design are provided along with field support at the end user processing facility.

automation Benefits
  • New system hardware and software logic design
  • Plant-wide networking and communication
  • Safety design, audits, recommendations
  • Machine retrofit software and logic updates
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic software
  • HMI/ GUI design
  • Data tracking, Data archiving

Skill Set

  • PLC’s Multi-platforms.
  • PC based systems
  • Safety PLC’s
  • HMI
  • Communication Protocols
  • All major industry standards and specifications
  • CAD packages

Industrial Automation Technologies

  • CAD packages
  • Industrial PLC's (Allen-Bradley, GE Fanus, DirectLogix, SST, TI); motion controllers (Galil, Delta-Tau); vision systems (Matrox, Cognex)
  • Motor drives (A-B, ABB, Eurotherm, Yaskawa, Powertech)
  • HMIs (Wonderware InTouch, A-B RSView)
  • Sensor technologies (thermocouples, encoders/resolvers, pressure transducers, LVDTs, strain gauges, limit/proximity switches, capacitive sensors)