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  • Founded in 1938 by Brown Brothers – one engineer, one financial
  • Operation in Whittier, California
  • Only product was Model 400 extractor
  • Purchased by Bruce Alexander in 1947
  • Moved to Covina January 1967
  • Continued expansion
    – 3 extractor families
    – over 20 other machines with hundreds of applications
  • Critical management style and resulting culture


1949   Open Florida operation in Winter Haven
1950's   High speed reaming technology introduced & becomes milestone
1960's   Expand into Argentina, Australia, South Africa
1970's   Brown Oil Extractor (BOE) introduced – new level of performance
Late 70's   Plant automation and control systems introduced
1981   Expand into Mexico
1995   Owner, Bruce Alexander passed away, company stays in family as son, Scott Alexander becomes new owner and CEO.
1996   720 extractor introduced – higher yields/quality
1997   Model 6000 finisher – major juice & pulp increase
2000   Expand into Italy
2002   BOSS system introduced
2003   Expand into China
2004   Tropicana names Brown “Preferred Supplier”
2004   Expand into Taiwan
2004   eBOE introduced
2005   Acquisition by Atlas Pacific Engineering, Inc.