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Model 5500 Citrus Sizer

Brown International is a leading provider of industrial food processing equipment. That’s why our Citrus Sizer Model 5500 is the best choice for commercial citrus processing plants. The Brown Citrus Sizer is customized for each facility, ensuring an efficient citrus production line. Designed for high volume citrus processing, the Brown Citrus Sizer is easily adaptable; rollers can be adjusted with the turn of a screw. A built in wash system makes routine cleaning of the Brown Citrus Sizer a breeze.

The Brown Citrus Sizer offers a streamlined interface with subsequent juice processing equipment, such as the Brown International line of Citrus Juice Extractors. The Brown Citrus Sizer moves up to 70 (US) tons of fruit per hour with a citrus sizing range from 1-1/2" to 5-3/4". Reduce man-hours and keep the line running smoothly with equipment designed by industry experts.

Built with Brown International integrity, the Model 5500 Citrus Sizer is constructed using FDA approved plastics along with stainless steel alloys. The Citrus Sizer, like all Brown equipment, comes with full maintenance support. Brown International has been manufacturing equipment since 1947. Count on Brown International for all of your food processing equipment needs.