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Gulftech is a committed owner and steward of Brown International. With an international footprint spanning 85 countries, Gulftech operates companies dedicated to serving a far-reaching customer base. Our sales and technical service team are committed to providing information and assistance to you, whenever and wherever you need it.

Other Gulftech companies include:


For over 40 years, ABL has brought quality and consistency to the forefront, because when it comes to delivering a perfect piece of produce, every variable matters.



Atlas Pacific is the world leader of deciduous fruit processing equipment that produces quality fruit while maximizing yields.



Luthi is the world leader in the manufacturing and leasing of tuna can filling machines used across the seafood canning industry.



From equipment that peels, scrubs and washes, to automatic systems that cut and sort corncobs, Magnuson CCM is the world's leading supplier of food processing machinery.



Sinclair is the world leader and pioneer of produce labeling machine systems, offering localized technical support across the globe.



Verdant Technologies is an emerging leader in the ag tech industry, offering product life extension technology for produce and florals that preserve freshness, reduce waste, and provide nourishment to more people in more places.


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