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Brown International Corporation, LLC

Brown is an original equipment manufacturer with over 50 years of global experience in supplying processing systems to the food industry. We offer cost effective solutions for food and beverage processing with state-of-the-art microprocessor controlled systems and equipment.

As a top of the line supplier of industrial processing machinery and equipment, Brown’s citrus system typically include extractors, finishers, by-product recovery systems and plant processing control and information systems; with non-citrus processing solutions include extractors, finishers, pulpers, classifiers, separators, de-waters and refiners.

Brown recognizes that each customer's needs are unique and that is basic to our system designing, manufacturing, technical support and ongoing systems research and development.

How the best juice is made with Brown Equipment
Application of the Month: Mustard

Brown International can handle your tea and coffee processing needs with the Model 2503 screw finisher. The finisher can run either roasted coffee grounds to extract high-yield coffee essence in one step or dry tea leaves into dried instant tea in a multi-step process. Brown looks forward to helping you grow. If you would like more information or a quote for this or any other application, please contact: Sales @ 863-299-2111 or email an inquiry to: