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Brown Optimized Smart Space Systems

The Brown Optimized Smart Space (BOSS) system increases line efficiency in the citrus processing plant. Working in tandem with a citrus extractor, the BOSS system transfers high volumes of fruit to the Brown citrus extractor. The BOSS system electronically monitors feed of extraction rates, adjusting as needed to keep the processing line at maximum efficiency. Save man-hours and factory space with the BOSS system for industrial citrus fruit processing.

The BOSS system supports high-volume citrus processing. Working in harmony with the Brown citrus juice extractor, the BOSS system replaces a traditional belt distribution system. Keeping the feed and extraction rates synchronized means there is no need for a return fruit system. Compact and efficient, the BOSS system lets you make the most of your industrial space.

Electronic monitors do more than keep the citrus moving. Immediate data is available for analysis and reports. The BOSS system has clean in place (CIP) technology integrated throughout, reducing maintenance time and labor. The BOSS CIP system uses fewer chemicals and waste water than traditional CIP equipment. Count on Brown International for a state of the art citrus processing line.