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Citrus Juice Extractor

Brown International specializes in industrial Citrus Juice Extractors. We manufacture several models to accommodate diverse commercial citrus production lines. Brown Citrus Juice Extractors are engineered to provide the best quality citrus juice while maintaining the speed and accuracy necessary in a high volume citrus processing facility.

Brown's outstanding reputation stands on the high quality of our citrus processing equipment. Built to last with stainless steel construction and FDA approved parts, Brown citrus juice extractors keep performing at high speeds. Brown makes industrial citrus juicers that can process 720 fruit per minute. Brown industrial citrus juicers can be configured to accommodate a diverse size range.

Production supervisors will appreciate the Brown citrus juice extractor's built-in Clean in Place (CIP) system. Custom designed with a patented rotary wash nozzle, Brown's efficient CIP system keeps citrus processing equipment food-grade clean with less downtime for cleaning.

Processing fresh fruit is time-sensitive. In a high volume citrus processing plant, efficient, reliable equipment is a must. Brown industrial equipment offers the reliability necessary to keep the juice flowing. For the best citrus processing equipment, count on Brown International.