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Citrus Oil Extractor

Produce 100% pure citrus oil with no enzymes using the Brown Citrus Oil Extractor. The Brown Oil Extractor BOE uses state-of-the-art technology to adjust to changing fruit conditions and continuously removes citrus peel oil while leaving the fruit intact. Our high performance citrus oil recovery machine yields more high quality cold pressed citrus oil per ton of fruit. Reduce waste and increase operating efficiency with the Brown Citrus Oil Extractor.

Removing citrus peel oil requires the right technology and equipment. Brown International’s patented oil recovery system is specifically designed to get the most yield and highest quality oil from each citrus fruit. The BOE Citrus Oil Extractor uses approximately 49 liters less of water per metric ton than competitor’s oil recovery systems. That savings amounts to 5 million liters of water saved over 100,000 tons of processed fruit.

The Brown Oil Extractor includes a specialized Citrus Dryer (Model 6400.) The Citrus Dryer works as the final step in removing essential oils as well as any remaining water. After the oil extraction, the fruit is ready to continue down the production line without additional labor.

No post processing steps are necessary with the Brown Citrus Oil Extractor before centrifuging. For maximum efficiency, the optional Model 6800 Citrus Elevator works in unison with the Oil Extractor to quickly move product through the line.

Supplying high quality food processing equipment is Brown International’s specialty. We care about our clients’ bottom line as well as the planet we all share. Our commitment to research and development keeps our products and services on the cutting edge of technology, ensuring our clients’ food processing operations achieve optimal performance.

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