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There’s a reason the world’s top producers look to Brown for expertise in food science. It’s our love for the details. Our dedication to consistency from flavor profile to viscosity and more. And a collective vision that extracts new opportunity out of everything we touch.

A diverse range of expertise.

With years of citrus processing experience, we offer a breadth and depth of food science solutions, enabling our clients to produce safe, high quality and great tasting products that perform without compromise.

Our internal citrus analysis capabilities.

At Brown, we help our customers exceed their performance goals in our state-of-the-art lab. Samples are tested to provide accurate data that can help improve quality, consistency, yield efficiency, and even sustainability.

A pilot plant for timely data.

Our in-house processing line allows us to test and compare pilot plant data to customer field data in the most timely and accurate manner possible.

The facility features:

  • A standard Citrus Processing Line

  • A team of Process Engineers

  • Food Scientists

  • Service Technicians

Customer Service.

We extend our Research & Development reach by providing creative, practical and science-based insights to our customers and potential customers on their existing and developmental projects.

Ingenuity. Precision. Passion. All working together as a team.

  • Customer support in optimizing extraction systems

  • New extraction technology evaluation

  • Evaluation of sensor and control technologies

  • Process water, chemical, and energy reduction studies

  • Current extraction systems yield, quality, and throughput optimization

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